How to find out the Volvo single pay MF?

Hi guys, can anybody chime in how can I find out the single pay MF for Volvo? Edmunds’ crew doesn’t know this info and dealers are quoting me completely arbitrary, high numbers. I am looking at 2019 Volvo XC40’s, where the RV is low and MF is obscenely high(MSDs don’t help much), but I can get about 13k off MSRP, so single pay option is by far the best option.

Afaik, there is no one pay discount on Volvo. Would be buy rate.

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It appears they do?

I know nothing about it though.
@Ursus @Bostoncarconcierge

Guy who knows nothing here. He asks, “Why wouldn’t it just be the total depreciation + fees + rent charges on RV?”

You’re half correct. It would be, but generally a one pay results in a reduced MF which lowers the rent charge amount.

Don’t know about one pay on Volvo. Too rich for me. @Benedetto knows for sure and maybe @okboye does too.

I guess that makes sense. You’re effectively giving them 24-36 MSDs.

How does this impact the risk of a total loss during a lease? :grimacing: I’ve seen cautions about large down payments evaporating in total-loss events, but can’t find those threads to reference right now…