How to find out the Residual value of a car?

For example, Ford, Volvo, or Chevy cars, how can we find out their Residual values with 2 or 3 years lease?

I have clicked through their websites, but cannot find this information?

Is the Residual value depended on Dealer and Zip code, or manufacture only?

You won’t be able to get exact residual on the website. The exact residual will vary based on options on that car. You might be able to find a percentage which will be approximate.

residuals vary depending on region as well

Residual doesn’t vary based on options, but varies based on models.

With Toyota they now residualize the “Optional Equipment” So the Percentage will vary slightly

Email a dealer and ask them. If they say no, threaten to move on. They’ll either give you what you want or you move on to the next dealer and get it.

Yep Good way to go about it. Would be a little weird for them to say no… I have ppl ask me all the time and its easy to look up on my computer.

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@Cody_Carter Yes, from what I know - Toyota is the only one where it’s almost impossible to figure out residual. Maybe there are others that do it.

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