How to find a safe residual value

I saw a post about inflated residual values on this forum.

This is kind of related:

If I want to sell my end-of-lease car back to any dealership, is there a general rule of thumb to find out if I will at least break even?

I tend to drive more than my allotted miles. And the idea of paying overinflated mileage penalties bothers me.

So if my 39-month old q50 has a residual value of $23,000… and the BlackBook trade in value is about the same, I should be good yes?

I am thinking that even if the BlackBook value is $500 lower than my payoff, any dealer on the planet would buy it out (since they will turn around and sell it used and make $4k on it.

Don’t lease…


do you lease at 15k miles/yr? If you do, then like Ursus said, might as well not lease. Kinda defeats the purpose if you go over that significantly.

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