How to disable BMW Gesture Control

This is my first post so i’m not sure if this is the correct place to ask.

A family member just got a new BMW and his radar detector is going crazy… it keeps on beeping.
He called the manufacturer (valentine one) who told him that the gesture control is interfering with the detector as it sends out a laser signal, and they have been having this issue with BMW’s.
They said that some people put a piece of masking tape on the overhead sensor for the gesture control…

Any ideas?

Is LH your homepage? Why would you come on here to ask that?


I searched on google right when he got the car but didn’t find anything helpful other than other people putting tape over the sensor.
He also went to the dealer he got the car to see if anyone there can help him…
I tried turning off the gesture control on the touchscreen but it still keeps on interfering.

Then did you try doing what Valentine recommended?

For now yes and it works…
I would like to see if there is any other option.
It’s not what you want to put in a brand new car…

Call BMWNA and see if their genius can help. It’s not their problem but they might have heard about it and have ideas

Have you checked in the operations manual ?
Its a thick book that 98% of car buyers never think of and its usually found in the glove compartment only if someone at dealership hasn’t stolen it and listed on ebay for $10.


We don’t have this problem at all (with the radar detector stuck to the windshield with the suction cups and attached to the standard bracket that came with the device).

How and where is theirs positioned?

Fairly certain you can just turn it off in iDrive menu but unsure if that will cut the lasers off or just stop the system from recognizing the inputs and acting on them.