How to best engage internet salesmen?

Hi guys -
I am new to leasing but have to say that I am pretty confident that I understand the process merely based on what I’ve learnt being on this site for the last few months…
I’ve recently started sending out queries to internet sales teams… the first response that I get is the basic high level (rolled-up) quote… when I follow-up to get more details and start asking for the underlying numbers the communication goes dead.
What am I missing?

I’ve encountered similar responses, though the first response is a strong push to get me at the dealership. I’ve even had some salesmen tell me they don’t work out numbers without going to the dealership. It’s been a pretty frustrating experience, and I’ve had to expand my selection of car manufacturers to try to find a decent person to work with.

That said, I’m still far from reaching any kind of deal.

If your ready to buy today, I suggest telling the dealers you that if your goals are met that you’ll come down to pick up the car today.

Outside of that, I’ve had similar problems before too, especially with out of state dealers. I’m currently in the market but out of the market until July, maybe late July. I plan on using at least one service to help me land a deal and use the nuclear option as a last resort.

i see your point… will continue trying different options. walking into a dealership is something that i am NOT looking forward to. just cant deal with that.

happy to hear from the experts on this still…

Don’t walk into a dealership. Do it all online… Like I said, if your ready, say so in the email. Make a PDF of the calculator and send that along with your email. If they are willing to match that, then your golden.

You also try for LeaseWise. For $350 they will competitively pit 5-10 dealers local to you (or outside the area) to get you the most competitive price or lease terms. The report you get has both in case you decide you rather purchase.

The process takes about a week and the bids/quotes are binding. If you accept the deal, that’s the price and terms you get. The other is Roadster but their pricing seems to be on par with Truecar, good not great.

I am going to use Lease Wise to muscle local dealers, like Galpin they have a similar car to the one I want, minus the moon roof. Other local dealers like Sunrise and Vista have similar cars as well but secondary color choices.

If I beat their bids and I show proof of purchase I get refunded, it’s not really risky at all.

Lots of dealers don’t like dealing with MF, sales prices, residuals etc…HOWEVER, they do all understand monthly payments/length of lease/drive off.

I just tell them I want a certain car for X months/X miles, ZERO drive off for X dollars a month including tax.

It seems to work very well for me.