How to apply for a chase auto lease

So I have a pre-approved Auto Loan offer with chase. When I try to apply for the loan terms it only lets me apply for a loan online. Do I have to go to a dealer to apply for lease?

Yes, you need to go through the dealer.

Are you trying to pre-apply because you’re concerned about credit?

Yeah because it was a pre-approved offer so I wanted to see what my options were.

Leases don’t really work that way. There’s more that goes into the math than just “you’re approved for a $20k lease”

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Okay, I am just having a hard time getting a third auto lease on my credit. So I thought since I have a long banking relationship maybe I would qualify for lease too with them.

Are you shopping for a Subaru?

No, Toyota or Jeep

Neither of them use chase for leases


Is this what you are hoping to do? Have a bank cut you a check for the “purchase” of the vehicle from the dealer while the transaction is a lease between yourself and the bank?

Don’t believe Chase does that though some credit unions may… :man_shrugging:

No I was just gonna lease like a regular lease payment. Wow why would anyone even think of that

:man_shrugging: If the bank doesn’t have a relationship with the dealer, there aren’t many options (if the use of that bank is a requirement).

It sounds like you’ve hit the ceiling on the amount of automotive (and/or total) debt payments that your income and credit history will support, at least in the eyes of companies you’re asking to lend you more money.

What are the reasons for previous denials?

I haven’t had any previous denials other than from TFS saying, “too many installment loans” or something similar to that. The only installment loans are two car leases.

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