How soon can you refiance a Toyota Loan?

First off, I do understand this site is geared at leasing. I’m not a leaser but was blown away at the knowledge of this community, and the willingness to help others so after coming up blank in my searches, I decided to try to ask for help here in this community.

I recently bought a Toyota Truck and financed will Toyota to get $4000 off. My plan was to make a few payments allow the dealer to get there kickback and then refinance. The finance lady said I had to wait one year, but I cannot find this anywhere in the loan documents etc. I’m not trying to screw the dealer over even though they lied to me on a selling price to get me to come in, they had the vehicle I wanted and couldn’t wait anymore.

If my question is not welcomed here, no problem please just delete it. I do have a few friends that lease regular and have sent them a link to this site! Thank you for your time everyone and have a great day!

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I’ve heard it to be usually 3 months, but @Cody_Carter can probably help give a definitive answer.


Just need to make 2 payments.


in California it is a simple interest loan that can be refinanced at anytime. if you do it before 90 days then the selling dealer will get charged back the money that they made on the financing!

Thank you so much, I’m in Texas!

I manage a loan program for a Credit Union in Florida. As soon as you see your account with Toyota online or receive your account information, you’re able to refinance. Dealerships will typically tell you either 60 days or 90 days but that is because there is usually a 90 day chargeback period where any reserve paid to the dealership is required to be refunded to the lender.


Thank you for the reply. I guess I could refi before the two months and the dealer would lose out on the incentive from Toyota they received, I’m fine to pay them two payments.

I am a Loan Officer. I do Auto Refi… the best time to Refi your vehicle is between 6-8 months after purchase… Reasons:

  1. You have lowered your principle
  2. You have not paid to much in interest
  3. your acct has been established with the lender, shows on your credit. ETC

If you finance to early, you may not receive much of a difference on the monthly payments… Rates would depend on credit, value of vehicle, and your income/debit.