How soon can I transfer out of a BMW lease?

Hello Hackrs,
I recently got a BMW lease a month ago but unfortunately I contracted Covid and my condition isn’t improving…unfortunately my line of work requires me to be at a physical location and working remotely isn’t an option. Do you think that it’s too soon to transfer out considering the fact I haven’t even made my first payment yet?

I hope you get better soon! Will you have a job when you recover? The transfer process is slow enough that you may be recovered before you’d be able to complete the transfer.


My understanding is you can start the transfer process as long as first payment is made by you.

Call BMWFS and ask. If allowed, they’ll mark your account status as “Assumable”. However, I’ve had BMWFS tell me before that the account holder needs to have an active account for at least 6 months (not the car for 6 months, but the original lessor to have had an active account). Best you call them for details. Good luck, and hope you get better soon.

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They were offering leases without payments for the first 90 days earlier this year. It might help to bring that up with them. I’d say that the entire process can take anywhere between 5-8 weeks to have someone transfer your lease (got rid of mine in June)
The reasoning doesn’t make much sense to me but doesn’t matter. Hope you get well soon!

I transferred out of a BMW lease back in April. I signed the deal on 12/31/19 and took delivery of the car about mid January. Started the transfer process 1st week of April 2020. When I make my online payment on my current BMW lease there is an option to defer payments. So BMW may still be allowing deferrals due to Covid. OP should check it out.

Do you have another way to get around when it’s time to return to work?

What happens when you log into your BMWFS account and click this link?


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As someone who does a bunch of work in public health I understand the situation may seem hopeless now but absent additional information you are likely to recover and return to work within a reasonable time frame… Hopefully FMLA covers you for 12 weeks of unpaid leave and also make sure this limited protection doesn’t cover you.. Many private employers don’t advertise that this exists.

So really you want to make sure that total cost of getting out of lease and then getting a new/used car in a few months isn’t going to cost more than just eating the lease for your recovery time.

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