How should I contact the dealer for plate issue?

The story: I leased a car about 2 months ago from a broker but still haven’t received my plate. Now the temp tag has expired, I need to get a new temp tag from the dealer, and figure out what’s going on with my plate. However, my broker tried to contact them for 3 weeks and received no response. I tried to call the dealer but they are not willing to talk to me.

My question is: what options do I have to 1. ask the dealer to send me a new temp tag, and 2. make sure they submit the plate registration?

Note both the dealer and I are located in NJ. So there is no out-of-state issue involved. NJ is no longer auto-extending temp tags in 2021, which meaning technically it is illegal to drive the car right now. I also called NJ DMV 2 days ago, and they confirmed that they have not received the registration information from the dealer yet. So waiting for more time will get me nowhere.

I had this problem as well and my DMV was backed up. I just contacted the dealer, explain the situation, and they just sent me a bunch of 5 day temp tags.

This is strange. We’re you involved in the deal process or was whole thing done thru the broker?

Broker(s) usually have a relationship with the dealer & these things can be sorted out between them.

What dealership is it? Just walk right into the dealership and speak to the general salesman. Or just email them or call them . Call is best. Happened with me but it was a out of state transfer.

The whole thing was thru the broker.
When I called the dealer, they also insisted that I have to contact thru the broker for any issue
But even the broker cannot get a response from them :upside_down_face:

Post a bad review on google :slightly_smiling_face:. It should get them moving

I think your best bet would be to contact the broker & talk it out but if that is not working then there might be other issues between the broker & dealer & you may just have to show up at the dealer.

I managed to talk to the general manager for the issue yesterday. He seems very annoyed and keep saying: you should just wait (I already waited for a long time) who’s your broker company? (I told him the name, and he seems to have no idea of that name) who is the broker’s contact? (i don’t know). In the end, he said he would transfer me to someone who can solve the problem, then the call get transferred to his own voicemail…

yeah, i did not want to do that but I am considering it now :neutral_face:

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Call the dealership’s main number on Monday morning, tell them you are returning a call from their Tag and Title person about your plates. When you get them (or VM), tell them who you are, that the GM told you to call about the status of your tags and/or to get a new temp tags sent. Have the stock number from your deal handy. Treat this person like your favorite grandparent that you haven’t seen in years.


Quick question. If it’s a in state registration isn’t it stupid they are using third party to register the car when the buyer could have done that in his own

I have never had a dealer not deal with the registration on every in state deal I have ever done.

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Yes but it’s still stupid. If it’s a in state dealership the dealership can legit send the salesman or a person from the dealership to get it done same day

I guarantee you that sending a salesperson to the dmv individually for each vehicle they sell doesn’t check out as an efficient use of business resources, particularly when there is a third party that specializes in that service and then can pass the cost on (probably with a profit wrap on the cost as well).

That’s true as well.

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