How’s this deal? 2018 Stelvio Ti AWD sport $53,900 MSRP

Can you guys help me out with this one? I feel like the payment should be lower. 2018 Stelvio Ti AWD sport, msrp 53,900. 12k miles/36month with $2500 down I’m at $458 per month. Here is the worksheet however they won’t give me a money factor, only the APR @ .49. Can anyone advise what I can do to get it lower or is this on par? Thanks for any help!

You’re getting a 20% discount before rebates which seems like a decent deal. What hurts is the low residual. The APR at .49% is just how Ally shows lease interest - it converts roughly to an MF of .00020417 which is buy rate, I believe.

I don’t know how tax is calculated in MO, so I can’t match it exactly.

If you feel like the value isn’t there, maybe push for another 1-2% discount?