How’s is this deal? 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV SEL S-AWC 36 month ($2k + $400/- monthly)

Hello -

How does deal look like in Nor CA? And is this car worth to lease at this price? (Goal is to get HOV Sticker with SUV).

2019 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV SEL S-AWC
36 month lease
10,000 miles per year
$1,900. due at signing (first payment and all fees, no other charges)
$399.96 per month includes sales tax


what is the MSRP & sale price ?

This is probably the cheapest solo carpool SUV.

MSRP: 37,410
Rebates $1,000 (until 5/31/2019)
Price $36,410

Totally agree…

However Subaru Crosstreck PHEV is also there but it is bit smaller (compact suv); but bigger then Kia Niro PHEV.

All of these vehicles are in 37k MSRP Range though

Mitsubishi America is perpetually distressed

Every year you wonder whether they’ll remain in the US market. If they go, so does your warranty.

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Wow, I had not realized the Outlander was so expensive for such measly features and capability. How does Mitsubishi even have a significant enough market share to warrant remaining in the US?

The Kona EV isn’t much more expensive (MSRP-wise), but dealers want crazy money for those leases.

With that being said, I think there’s plenty of meat on this bone for dealer discount. I don’t think Mitsubishi dealers are in any position to demand price premiums in their markets. They aren’t Porsche.


Agreed, for this payment and DAS there’s any number of other PHEV that are a better deal.

It really depends on how high you want to sit in the vehicle. Most crossover EV’s are slightly raised cars and to me that defeats one of the main purposes of getting an SUV. I think Outlander sits higher than others (Kona, Niro etc) in this price range before you are getting into much more expensive SUV territory with carpool access. I am surprised Mitsu managed to build an SUV with enough range for carpool access though.

I had a really bad experience with Mitsubishi dealers earlier this year (see my other posts) and would really refrain from leasing one. with the attitude these guys have and bad salesmen hired by them I doubt they are going to be in business in the US any longer. So like someone else said if they leave your warranty is gone…you are on your own !
I would strongly recommend looking at the Subaru plugin SUV just because of their increasing presence in the US market.

For a phev all wheel drive SUV i don’t think there are that many choices. So it really depends what you are looking for. If space is what you are looking for probably Niro phev is probably better.

It’s not just the expense. We were looking at the Outlander PHEV and the reviews were horrible. Pretty much crossed off the list from the start. I also am surprised they qualify for solo HOV. I don’t think they do here in NY. IIRC the range was around 20 miles? EDIT: yes, the qualify for HOV here in NY. I’m surprised. 22 miles is the reported battery-powered range.

Insane to me.

Given Mitsu sales figures, also to most Americans it seems. :slight_smile:

They can argued they are as limited production as Porsche:) May be even less. I see more Porsche on the road than Mitsu. Almost requires a rarity premium:)

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Well color me surprised. Just looked up the US sales figures. Shows you perception isn’t everything. I remember in 2017 when they said they were really happy they sold 100K vehicles in the US for the first time since 2007. 2018 they sold 118K. This year they’re ahead of last year at this time, although April sales were down a smidge.

Porsche is right around half of that (just over 50K vehicles annually in the US), so yeah, not too far off.

Is this actually true? If you lease a car with a guaranteed warranty and the manufacturer stops providing the warranty, that seems like it would be problematic for enforcing the contract going forward. Interesting legal question that hasn’t really come up recently.

Would also be a diaster at lease end. Where are you grounding the vehicles. Bank would have to contract with different dealers/services.

Don’t think Porsche cares if they sell anything anymore.

The last guy retired round here and just seems to like to play Donna Summer records and dance the night away.

Sweeeet rides. Couldn’t care less if anyone buys one. ( One man’s impression )

Interesting. I guess they sell better in other parts of US than where I live. Because I see 1 Mitsu for every 4 Porsche.

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Ask any of the Suzuki drivers who were left holding the bag on the cheap SX4 leases they got.