How rare are < $1000 Down < $100 Mo leases?

Wow, this site is informative. This is going to take some time to digest. One thing I’m curious about as I begin my lease search is: how rare are leases where you have $1,000 down or less that run around $100 or less?

Ultimately I hope to lease something up to $150 a month. But $100 or less would be great. Live in Massachusetts, credit is good, don’t really care what I’m driving, what color, anything. Just that it has a back seat. Totally open to anything.

Hey, thanks again to everyone who works on this site. I can tell this is going to be incredibly helpful.

Very rare. But not a unicorn. Last year you could get a 24 month Cruze Limited lease for $0 down, and <$100/month. You needed to be a Volt owner to qualify for the sub-$100 lease, but quite a few people on here cashed in on that deal (including myself). Some people actually MADE money on the deal, as their total lease payments were less than the $700 Costco giftcard that was being offered at the time! Truly insane!

Right now the only $0 down, <$150/month lease you can probably get without insane conditional incentives is a Spark EV…but they are only available to CA/OR/MD residents.

You could probably get there with a Corolla. Zero down, $150/mo on a Corolla S isn’t out of the question with a bit of negotiating.

Thanks guys, appreciate it. Yup, was sorta assuming the Corolla would be the one I should look at. Okay, now I’ll dig through this site to learn where and how I can get a good lease on a Corolla.

there is probably a list of cars to check out. corolla, scion ia, vw jetta, nissan versa, civic, ford fiesta come to mind.