How push to the better deal ? Audi E Tron

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No idea what numbers/RV/MF they used
I see just 7500 Fed. rebate.
I have no loyalty
Costco member
How push to the better deal?

1898 758.88
3000 725.04
5000 663.63

               MSRP 77.370
               Selling Price 62.999
               Rebate 7.500
               Gov. Fee 715.50
               Doc. Fee 995
               Gross Cap Cost 65.604.51
               Cash Cap Reduction 3.000
               Cap Cost Reduction 9.174.49
               Adjusted Cap Cost 56.430.02
               Paid by Customer 3.000

Why don’t you ask them and compare the numbers with what is posted in the Edmunds Forum for your zip code.

There have been a couple of recent e-Tron deals posted in the “Shared Deals” section. How does their pre-incentive discount compare to yours?

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You need to go in Edmunds and find out the MF/RV and incentives for your zip.

Looking at these numbers, the deal looks terrible.

516m das 2800
526 m das 2800

Can you break down the DAS? What is the pre-incentive discount?

DAS in section A minus CAP cost reduction
10 % Costco
7500 fed
7000 market allowance

Are you paying first month + acquisition fee + doc fee + registration fees? Simple question. Are you putting any money down? If yes, how much?

If you cannot answer this, then I can’t evaluate your deal.

only 2800 I am putting down

Do you mean the money due at signing? What is the line item for $996? A pre-delivery charge = pure dealer profit.

Yeah you are right, so can try go to 1800 das(-996)

Try and get a bigger pre-incentive discount in that amount. See what dealer says.