How plausible is it to get a dealership to match another's deal out of state?

I’m in the market for a new lease and was considering getting into a jeep grand cherokee. here in connecticut my options are limited but I noticed that a dealership in massachusetts was offering a pretty great 0 down lease deal on a grand cherokee. I suspect that there is more to this deal than meets the eye but it does look pretty nice.
My plan is to go down to a jeep dealership inquire about leasing and ask them if they would be willing to match this dealership’s deal. I’m considering telling them that if they aren’t willing to match the deal than I will just drive to Massachusetts and lease from that dealer. what do you guys think?

Yes worth a try. Maybe just email that offer instead of going down to the dealership.

@jamesbond thanks I will give it a shot. I’m in contact with a dealership and they say they will “work hard to match or beat it because they are competitive” I’m unsure if this is an automated bot but i’ll be setting up an appointment to see what’s what.

I wouldn’t go down to the dealership. If you like the other dealership’s deal then negotiate with your dealership via email and say you will come to sign if they can match.