How much % off a loaner?

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What % off msrp should I shoot for with a loaner? BMW in California

0% off is the minimum.


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Depends on miles.

9-12% base prior to rebates (500 mi or under) seems to be the most acceptable discount when hacking, from there you want to get 1.5-2% for every 1,000 miles on the loaner.

0-500, 9-12%
501-1500, 11-14%
1501-2500, 12-16%
2501-3500, 13-18%
3501-4500, 15-20%+
4501-4999, 16-22%+

These numbers of course can vary some depending on the model, time, direction wind is blowing. As stated before, you want this before rebates and never be afraid to ask for more if you think the situation is appropriate.


Thank you! Found a suitable loaner, hoping to make a deal on it now.

If it’s a 2018, I’d say 25%+, it’s distressed merchandise at this point.

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Is this a general number for any region or just CA?

General guide anywhere. YMMV with regard to dealer participation though.