How much does swaplease actually cost?

Was just curious if anyone’s ever assumed a lease through swaplease or any of the other sites like that. I know there’s a credit app fee and a lease transfer fee of varying amounts depending on the leasing company, but does swaplease charge buyers to sign up, or just sellers to list? Are the monthly prices in the listings pre or post sales tax numbers? Also the buyer will have to pay new state registration fees I’m guessing?

I got a “4th of July special” of $35 to sign up as a buyer


Seriously man ? I mean did you ever go through the FAQ’s section on the site ? or better if that’s hard for you, may be just call there 1800 number ?


the cheapest plan to list a car if you wanted to put it up for lease is $100

i have looked at it mostly from a tax perspective. Living in VA, I wondering if assuming a nearly new lease might make sense from a tax perspective since I would technically be buying a used car and therefore save some money on the sales tax front. However, the deals+ fees never made it worthwhile.

IMO, swapalease is 50% people who paid too much for their lease - those are toxic leases. 40% people who have fine deals but are still a little more expensive overall than paying a broker fee or doing a little legwork. 10% are good deals that would take some combination of good timing/significant effort/strong broker performance to replicate. The issue is with about 6800 cars available, under a thousand are good deals and most are going to be too far away to be worth it.

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i just read through your post again, i mean WOW … absolutely zero effort on your part to even remotely look at the site yourself. Hold on, let me get my spoon so i can spoon feed you…brb


Problem with swap a lease, or taking over anyone’s lease, is that you’re paying the same as the original purchaser, but now for a 12-24 month old car.

Like the Angels paying $240 million to Pujols after his best years with the Cardinals.

Month one of the lease, the car is a bargain. By month 36, you are a paying the same for a three year old car worth 40%+ less.

At least that’s the way I look at it…which is why I always try and get out of my lease early (if possible without a hit), and NEVER lease for more than 3 years.

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not a good way of looking at it. The payment might be $400/mo but original leasee put $2500 total out of pocket and is willing to pay transfer fee and sometimes even provide $ incentive just to get out of a car. You also often times end up with more miles per month than you would usually get because original driver didn’t drive much and you’re in it for a shorter than usual lease term which is desirable for many people.

True story, i lease assumed a BMW in the past, where i had the person pay for transfer fee so cost me $0 to get in the car, drove the car a few months, then decided i wanted a different car and lease transferred it out to another person having them pay transfer fee. Only cost i had was to put it up on SAL. This of course only works on a desirable car with desirable terms.


I negotiated a swapalease deal and my sister is driving a 2016 IS200T for an effective $204 per month after she receives $2400 in MSD back for which she paid $800.
So yes there is negotiation on Swapalease as well. Some sellers need to get rid of there car and rather than being stuck with it for another two months trying to find the right buyer, they would rather take a lower due at signing.
Also helped a coworker negotiate a swapalease 2017 740 from CA, with $2k due and effective $650 monthly. This one was I believe from someone who had hacked it here.

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A few years ago I assumed a BMW Z4. I paid swap a lease the fee to view the post, around $50 for 10 views. I spoke directly with the owner, who was across the country. After several pictures and videos, I bought the car without ever seeing it in person. Paid the BMW fee of $500 for the transfer, had to pay to get it shipped across the country and new license plate and inspection in my state. I spent about $1800 upfront for a 13 month lease for a car I wanted (in my favorite color which was a tough find locally) but had no desire to lease for 24-36 months. The car had 3100 mi on it when I got it. I drove it for the next 13 months with a smile on my face. The payment was very reasonable for a 63k car, it was under 1%. I had a very pleasant experience with SAL.


So, you lease a $275/month 330i on Swap a lease for the final 12 months of the contract with adequate mileage remaining, that someone got a killer deal on initially, knowing you cannot replicate that deal today. How is this not a good deal, and what does it matter you’re paying that on a 24 month old car if you can’t replicate that same deal today?


I did. That info isn’t in there. The site isn’t exactly very user friendly. I had to google search just to find the FAQ section to begin with.


Thanks for being such a cool and helpful guy. Dude I just had some questions that I didn’t see clear answers to on Swapalease, google, or here.


For me it would be worth it just to not have to deal with the dealership and/or trying to find a deal myself. Also if I don’t like the car I’ll only be stuck with it for a year or 18 months vs. three.

The only problem is it seems most people on there got terrible deals to begin with, and/or many brands don’t allow lease transfers or suck at it (Chrysler, Subaru, Toyota).


What’s SAL? Registration? Shipping?

I agree, there’s some cars on there with like 2k miles per month left on the lease. Trying to figure out if they include total payment or base payment in the listing price though, because most of them are pretty bad deals if they don’t include the monthly tax in the payment.

See now that’s helpful! I’m guessing these deals are few and far between on Swapalease. Most of the good ones I saw were flagged with “transfer pending”. Like why even show the car in the search results if it’s not still available?

When you see the price on swapalease is that pre sales tax though? Like that IS200T for instance is listed at $290/mo, would it actually be $329/mo when you factor in sales tax? I’m used to Honcker which shows you the total price including tax and everything which is why I ask.

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Jesus. How much is it not on “sale”? Do they charge you the fee once until you buy something, or they charge you every month until you unsubscribe?

honestly, why don’t u address all the questions to them directly by calling them as @mani_is_kool suggested? You’re not asking for advice anymore, this is just silly.


You can also make a free account…I can look at all of the posts and I’ve never paid a cent on that site.


A solid use of lunch hour, aside from this site, Edmunds and Bring-a-Trailer…