How many weeks/months before lease date to start negotiating?

My (bad deal) lease is up in June. There is no equity not worth trading in.

Should I start working on a new one in March?

I look forward to getting a good lease this time!

Give yourself 1 month and follow fighting change or reddit advise someone shared here … You will do well.

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Well this actually depends on a few factors, and there is no one answer.

Depends on what you drive now, and what you plan on getting into, some manufacturers will allow a pull-ahead.

If no official pull-ahead program is available, but the car you’re looking for has favorable discounts/rebates/MF/RV, I would act on it. Regardless if you have 1 month, or 3 months remaining in current lease.

Negotiate the deal, and ask them to get you out of your lease at low to no cost on your monthly.

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I think 2 months before lease end is a good time-frame to start shopping for a good deal.

Dealers will get you out of your lease as long as they can sell your vehicle as is in weeks time and auction prices are similar to your RV+monthly balance.

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Needs to be done in the month you lease. Incentives can and will change monthly, so what is a great deal this month could be a bad deal next month.

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No worries they treated me as an annoyance despite I have a month left. I just started with the price I have got from other dealers and then mentioned my lease their numbers started dancing salsa after that.