How long for Audi Financial to get paperwork?

Once you sign a lease how long does it take for the financial institution to get your paperwork to obtain a payoff? Thanks in advance.


My account was active in under a week

Excellent. Thanks for the quick reply.

It will depend on how quickly the dealer submits everything, etc

are you planning on flipping an Audi lease?

Thinking about it.

Does anyone know in GA with Audi/VW Financial if the customer payoff and dealer payoff are the same?

They are not

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What is the difference and how do you know what the dealer payoff is before you trade in a car? The dealer/ financial institution won’t care the number.

Thousands of dollars.

A dealer needs to request the dealer pay off.

What would make up that difference the taxes were paid up front?

The bank charging market value to dealers

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