How long does it take to receive check from Clean Vehicle Rebate Project?

I recently leased 2016 volt, and apply for the clean vehicle rebate project right after. it’s been 25 days now, how long does it take to receive the check? status is still showing “Thank you for submitting your documents. CVRP staff will review them for completeness and accuracy.” according to their website, the process will take up to 30 days. any experience?

Typically 45 days from submission of final form.
And 3 weeks from approval.

thanks for your reply, just got an email saying my application has been approved. they said it will take another 90 days to receive the check. I emailed them to see if I can get the new rebate amount ($3000) but they said no. my purchase date was 3/4.

Bummer about narrowly missing the new increased rebate (assuming you qualified based on income range), but congrats on being another step closer to receiving your check. Let us know when it arrives- I just submitted my application a few days ago and would like to compare experiences.

And I guess you were making $34k or below to qualify for the extra $1500?

And if you thought your 6 week wait is long, the new rules require them to pull your tax forms…now that’s going to be long.

You will also get a email with a picture of what the check will look like just before they mail it out.