How long after a redesign rolls out do you usually start to see incentives/discounts given?

Currently have 13 remains lease payments. Dealer gave me a offer with $1k negative equity in my current car. I’ve priced shopper all over, they’re not budging in that, fair enough. I want to get into a Q7 next and found a good deal on a base Premium. Trying to decide if I should take the $1k loss, end my lease early and get into the 2019 Q7 while they’re fairly discounted.

Wondering if deals will be available on the 2020 Q7 this time next year (or even 9 months from now) when my lease is up. I’m also keeping in mind that the 20 year model will be priced higher than the current 19 base model I’m eyeing. I do prefer the redesign though.

I know it’s all a guessing game but historically, how soon after a redesigned model rolls out can we start seeing some discounts offered?

Read your own words again. It’s anybody’s guess and we’re all wrong.

Depending on how well the model has sold historically (Q7 has done well) and how it’s expected to sell? It can be 6-18 months. The goal is obviously not to season with incentives until they have to.


Like you said it’s a guessing game. Also, this is Audi which is known to lease bad. The only reason the Q7 is leasing so well right is there are so many 19s available on lots and at port, that they can’t roll out the 20s.

So having that, anything is possible in 9 mo but I wouldn’t count on it.

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My crystal balls say you won’t see the same deals on MY2020 models in 9-11 months’ time as you did for MY19s recently. It’s brand new, there’s no reason to blow it out.

Also, I’d recommend looking at better equipped models from other brands instead of a stripper Audi




The problem is, it’s different for every manufacturer and model. How many cars are they making - which is related to how many cars are at the dealer. Is anyone actually buying the car or does it sit on the lot?

Something like the Toyota Highlander sells in droves. Toyota knows this and they know how many to make, but they also don’t want to flood their dealers - that creates too much inventory that takes time to move. Toyota will be mindful of that so they don’t need to incentivize the Highlander.

On the other hand, the NSX when launched, it was obviously launched in small numbers, but Acura seriously overestimated the demand of that car. Even with small allocations, those cars were sitting for quite a while, on launch. Big discounts and huge incentives came from Acura. To a lesser extent, this happened with the Hellcats (after the initial people buying for ridiculous markups). But FCA learned their lesson, and you won’t find 500 a month hellcat deals anymore.

So TLDR version, you have to react, you can’t plan for this.

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Anything specific you’d be looking at outside of an XC90?

Thanks everyone for the feedback.

I’d look at Palisade SEL, MDX, and Atlas SE tech or SEL.