How is this Jetta se deal?

MSRP 23, 898.00
cap cost 19,634.00
upfront cost tax 738.80
675.00 bank fee
nj licensefee 263.50
nj car 8.31
nj tire
total down 2,188.11 (above fees)
39 months
residual fee 43%
residual 10,250.77

12k miles monthly payment $233.53

rule of thumb here is 1% but they said that was impossible
I am going to email them back to counter
what can I say to get monthly price down?

Whats the MF you are being quoted and what is the difference between 36 and 39mo? Is it worth paying an extra year of registration for only 3mo of use?

It says money factor 0.000010

I did not ask about 36 month. They said registration is good until end of lease

In my short time here I have learned that there is no “rule of thumb”, but compared to what I have seen dealers offer, you can do better.

where would I ask for money off? I asked for 975 off the MSRP to make it 208 a month
any other ideas

Don’t ask the dealer the MF, ask the Edmunds forum specific to the model you are seeking. Also ask what incentives VW is offering on this model.

You need to understand the breakdown between dealer discount and incentives. If they are truly giving you $975 off MSRP and the rest is incentives, that’s a 4% discount.

I don’t know anything about VW leasing, but that looks weak to me.

1% “rule” is useless.

Wow, the residual is really low on this car what is a part of the problem and you cannot change it.

You will be paying $11.3K on a $19.6K car in 39 months. The actual monthly payment is $290 with $0 down.

I would say you need to spend a bit more time on forums to better understand the lease process and find an alternative car to lease.

He will be paying 9k in 39 months which includes tax,reg,fees on a 19.6k cost price.
If OP can bring down the monthly price to like $210 then it will cost $8.1k for 39month with only $210 due at signing. Not Bad deal.

Low $200s for this car is where you need to be is right, $210 is a good deal in my opinion as well. I like the old school jetta many years ago, but today they have fallen so far behind.