How is this deal on this Mazda CX5?

Looking for a deal check on a dealer initial offer in Bay Area (CA) for:

2020 Mazda CX-5 Touring AWD 36mo/10k

  • Snowflake white mica pearl paint ($200)
  • Roof rack side rails ($400)
  • Retractable cargo cover ($250)

MSRP : $30,180
Adjusted Cap Cost: $28,725
Acquisition Fee: $650
New Plates fee: $85
RV: 17,202 (56.9%)
Doc Fee: $85
Other fees (reg, title, filing, etc): $360
DAS: $888
$0 down
Monthly payment: (pretax) $327
Monthly payment (including taxes and fees): $358

I know this car usually has a MF: 0.00012, but that was not provided yet. I included the Lease Calculator to the best of my ability which indicates post tax should be $322 with $942 drive off. Is that right?

Lease Calculator

I’m in NJ and I got my lease 3 years ago on a CX-5 GT fully loaded with rack as well MSRP of over 36K and $0 down just first month and I pay $360 a month. Based on that and numbers I have seen here I think you can def do much better but maybe other hackers have a better idea. Best of luck.

The calculator numbers for RV, MF, and incentives come from Edmunds?

The dealer gave me the RV. The MF in the calculator is assumed based on the other numbers, and the .000012 MF comes from Edmunds and what I’ve seen on this site.

Welcome. You posted a lot of good information. We can help you focus on the key CX-5 deal variables to lock in a good deal. First, make sure you have spent some times looking at recent CX-5 deal posts here - the best way to know what makes a good deal is to look at past deals. Pay particular attention to deals by @rjoh1987, @cb110 and @kris.k.

  1. What incentives do you qualify for (see Mazda website)? Your calculator noted $1,500 - I assume this is loyalty. Please confirm. Are you aware of the 1st month waiver program? Do you qualify for any other incentives?
  2. Mazda offers lease cash on the CX-5. It varies by region. How much do you get? You can find this info on edmunds. My hunch is the dealer is already putting this incentive in your sale price offer. Make sure you know if the dealer is reflecting any incentives in your selling price offer.
  3. What is your selling price PRE-incentives? You noted adjusted cap cost - good to know but the key number is your selling price BEFORE any incentives from Mazda. What is this number?
  4. Is the buy rate MF 0.00012, the MF you noted? You buy rate from edmunds. Tells us the buy rate and if the dealer is marking up the MF in your deal.

Pre-incentive selling price, incentives and buy rate MF are the building blocks of a great CX-5 deal. Look at past deals as noted and you will see how these building blocks fit together.


Wondering the details on this…another dealer recently offered me:

MSRP $29,980 Sale Price $27,582
Factory Rebate: $1500
Net Cost $26,082
Pre-tax monthly: $239/mo
DAS: $2995

Has anyone done the Factory Rebate before? Curious the details on how it works, haven’t received that from dealer yet.

factory rebates are essentially the incentives the manufacturer gives the dealership, they are just wording it differently. I’d probably ask for an additional discount on the car from the dealership itself. Also looks like you are putting almost 3k down on a base model cx-5, that seems like way too much, you can probably get a reserve for over 350 a month or less with that much money down. I’m actually going in tomorrow to negotiate my new lease I’ll get numbers and keep you posted.

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@Dre4821 Good luck tomorrow. It’s ugly out there.

Thanks! How’d it go?

Ok, here is a new offer I have received. Please see image for more details. Based on other deals on here, I believe I can get lower but it also sounds like 8% is pretty good, with great being 10%. Where would you suggest I negotiate further on this?

2020 Black Mazda CX-5 with Roof Rails, no preferred package 36mo/10k:

MSRP: $29,980
Sale Price: $27,582
Dealer Discount: -$2,368
Discount off MSRP: 7.9%
RV: 57% , $17,088
DAS: $873
$0 Down
Monthly payment w/ tax: $346/mo

A good Mazda deal starts with a CLEAR understanding of your PRE-Incentive Selling Price. My guess is your $27,582 INCLUDES incentives. Step 1 - calculate PRE-incentive selling price and list out ALL incentives you are entitled to. If you look at recent CX-5/CX-9 posts you will see me take great pains to calculate PRE-incentive SP and the corresponding PRE-incentive discount %. You need to do the same. Share this calculation with us.

You can NOT evaluate any lease deal without knowing the MF. It is common for dealers to markup the MF to build in “hidden” profit if you don’t know to look for it. ASK the dealer for the MF and ask edmunds for the buy rate MF (as well as incentives and RV). Share edmunds info when you get it.

On top of these 2 critical variables, I can’t calculate your $873 DAS from the info provided. It looks high. It also looks like your deal is capitalizing your $650 acq fee - which is common.

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Thank you, that makes sense. This is the latest offer I have received from a dealership. The only lease incentive in my area is first months payment. MF is 0.00012 and RV is 56-57%

I am thinking of pushing back and asking them to increase pre-incentive discount from 5% to 10% ($1,595 > $3,135). They are asking for $0 down, $485 DAS (see additional charges (inception)). MSRP is #31,355.

Please let me know your thoughts on what else to ask for as this seems high based on other offers I have seen for higher Trims.

Screen Shot 2020-08-12 at 1.54.40 PM

Fight the good fight. Go get your 10% pre-incentive discount.

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Sorry I wasn’t able to go over the weekend due to some family things, planning on heading there this weekend … im hoping im able to get a decent deal since their 2020 inventory is pretty big. I’ll keep you posted this time for sure.

Ok, we are making progress. This is the most recent offer, going to take this to my local dealer and see if he can beat it.

Please let me know if these numbers add up or if I am missing anything?

MSRP: $29,980
Selling Price: $27,400
Discount: $2,580 (8.6%)
MF: 0.00012
Drive off: $0
RV: 57% ($17,088)
Monthly pre-tax: $309.90

10% pre-incentive would be a good number. Go get it - or get as close as you can.

Auto lease ninjas at $265 a month +1999 das + 2 msd+ 399 broker fee.

Roughly $40 mo cheaper than this deal


I got some numbers over the aeekend, as predicted these guys are tough on the signatures. They did give me a decent quote for a grand touring 2k down $320 a month. Still thinking about it.

I am at 8.6% with a dealer, and think I can get them to around 9%. I’ll most likely take that given other dealers have not budged when I counter.

9% is a win. 8.6% is a win. The difference is a mere $118. You were cursed with a market where dealers have little interest in turning over their meager inventory at consumer friendly prices. Avoid Starbucks for a few months and make up the difference.

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