How is this Alfa deal?

The discount pre-incentive is not bad 12.1% (40,211/45,740) … the residual is what is not making this “great”. From what I remember, the Base has a lower RV than the Ti, did you check? Not sure if things changed (it was for my Stelvio, Ti being more expensive but leasing better.)

I agree that the wording of some of these items is funky (cap reduction cash, that I assume are bank/acq fees), but the math works out. You cannot use $38K as purchase price, because you’re double counting the incentives in that way. All-in with $0 DAS you are at $459/month … that is not bad for a decently equipped Giulia, but it all depends on what you’re looking for.

Here is what I got from edmunds:
Base: .00003 MF and 48% residual. $1750 incentive
Ti : .00017 MF and 49% residual. $2500 incentive

They seem pretty similar to me. The offers I got on Ti models were very similar, and it was impossible to find sunroof and color combination I was looking for (without going up to a Lusso).

Yep I totallt understand, that’s why in the end if this is what you’re looking for in terms of color, specs, etc. then the deal seems on par with what I have seen recently. 12% is a good discount.

For me, the Ti cash plus the extra 1500 rebate I qualified for basically evened out the extra $$$ in MSRP.

As others suggested, you could try Justin or the one I referred above, but again if color and specs are hard to find, then you have limited options.

For comparison only, 2 years ago I signed a 50K Ti Sport for $525 0 DAS, just to give you a different data point.

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I just signed my 2nd alfa coming from 2018 Ti-Sport Q4.
1st Alfa was $56k msrp, 59% RV, 2yr / 10k, $454/mo, $2000 DAS

MSRP = $60,145 2020 Giulia Ti-Sport Carbon
RV = 46%
3yr / 15k
$499.87/mo, $2000 DAS

car is expected to hit dealer tomorrow or anyday.


Mind saying what dealer you got this deal from? I’m looking for either a Ti or Ti Sport and am having a hard time finding decent rates.

sorry for late reply

several people already asked me for dealer contact looking for same deal and my dealer said that’s not going to happen lol, but they are far more than willing to work with you.
i was at the dealership yesterday and they are almost empty with inventory and only 2 cars left on the lot. they have 2 other locations with more on the other location so maybe they can grab it from other location but give them a call.

here is my dealer info:

Contact Vadzim Kelly - 617-792-2019
Herb Chambers Bentley/Maserati/Alfa Romeo/Lamborghini/Rolls Royce

this is image of another lease i was offered before i signed my lease.

46% RV, 15kyr 3yr lease, MSRP $56195.

I have a base Guila but got it back in 2018. Same exact at what you’re looking at Base + cold+sunroof+turbine wheel

$379/month $2000 DAS on a 24/10.

A 2 year old deal is not going to be a strong data point for the 2020s.

Seems like you got a good deal, though.

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Hi, just checking to see if I should be asking for better or if this is a good deal:

Tags: Northeast ; Alfa-Romeo ; ‘Ask the hackers’
Zip Code of dealer: 02818 | (I live in 02127)
2020 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti AWD
MSRP $50,345
36 / 10k
$0 down ; DAS: 1st month payment
RV: 50%
MF = .00037
Acquisition = $0
Dealer Fee = $400 (doc fee)
Reg Fee = 164

Selling Price: $40,998 “Including all rebates, conquest, TrueCar ($500), and house coupons. Total = $5k”

Monthly Payment: $498 + tax

Looks like its about 8.8% pre-incentive. Browsing some northeast broker deals (OCT DEALS #ALFA ROMEO #SUPERSTORE - Pro #CarShopper #Broker #Concierge / NATIONAL SHIPPING) I’d make an offer at 12%. Make sure to discuss selling price pre-incentive.

Great point and will do. What is your take the MF @ .00037? Does that seem fair or padded? They are saying “That is based on the manufacture rate tier 1 plus credit” – lease is via Ally Bank.

I feel like I’ve been seeing much lower (.00012-.00016) for Stelvio Ti AWD on leasehackr – but I might be missing something here.

thanks for all your help!

If the lease was through captive it would be simple to confirm the MF. With ally and third parties like US bank there’s no way for you or I to find out exactly what the base MF is. Naturally don’t want to trust the dealer that it’s buy rate but nothing else to do here, unless someone else has some insights. Conundrum as we could be talking a 30 basis point markup.

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I asked the dealer and here is the breakdown of “incentives” included in the $5k they mentioned:

$1k Alfa Conquest (I don’t qualify for :expressionless:)
$1.5k 2020 Bonus cash
$500 True Car
$500 x2 = $1k “extra coupons from dealership manager”

So in reality, my sale price = $41,998

Should I still stick to the counteroffer of 12% off MSRP + the above $4k incentives I’m eligible for?

this was posted on forum as well.
contact them to see if they can give u better deal or your dealer can match

BS 20%, that’s my local Alfa dealer and they’ve never thrown anything decent.

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on my 2020 Giulia Carbon with $60145 MSRP i was able to get 17% off MSRP pre-rebate

  • incentive/discount = 26.57% discount total.
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Faulkner’s never thrown me anything above 10% preincentive. Called the service manager and they wanted $500 bucks for a 12 month service. I crossed out of the Giulia for my dad real quick

But if you got someone out of them, congrats!

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it wasn’t thru faulkner.
it was thru my local dealer. i just happen to see that post flying around online.
i still manage to get better deal tho.

Bummer. Stick with the 12% off +4k incentives and see where you can get to.

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