How good is this deal? 2017 Ford escape Titanium FWD - $385/m

I’m not convinced this is the best deal possible. Here’s what I got offered after a bit of negotiating.

MSRP: 32,890
Rebates+dealer discount = $2500
APR = 3%
Residual = 55%
Drive off = $2500 = $1474.39 (cap reduction) + $1025.61 (fees + 1st month etc.)
36 months, 12k/yr

$385/m including tax in San Francisco, CA (8.75% tax)

What do y’all think?

You should put the cap reduction into MSD’s and not into the lease. It is tricky to find a ford dealer who understands MSD’s though even though it says on their website they accept them.

In February, I leased a 2015 Edge, AWD, SEL, MSRP of 41K…

Zero drive off, 392 including 9% LA taxes…36/10500 year.

Different car (better, IMHO), 10K more for less money.

Most folks here would tell you first rule of thumb is < 1% of MSRP should be your monthly (and then you continue your analysis) so it should be around $328/mo (with taxes)

I would not take it. Dealer discount seems low.

But Ford lease really badly. High interest rates and low residuals.

You better believe it!

The dealer will laugh at you if you say 1% straight off, so ease into it (or dont, your call)

We call that the double whammy! I thought about leasing my Ford, wouldnt have worked very well for me.

That’s a terrible deal, sorry. That is a $32k car for a $38k car price.