How forgiving is GM Financial with dents and scratches?

Hello everyone,

I got in a fender bender of sorts, and my driver’s side front panel (?) has a dent in it, and is scratched. Yellow paint rubbed on to it, but I can buff that out, so I’m concerned about the dent and scratches.

I used the “wear-and-use card” to determine how severe this is, but I’m really not sure.

I uploaded images to look at, if anyone can give me a ballpark estimate of how bad this is and whether or not I should use my auto insurance to take of this, I will appreciate it!

Only way to answer this question is to get a pre-turn in inspection done and compare the price they give you to your insurance deductible


Hello all,

I am most likely turning in my leased Equinox before Feb ends, and I am aware of the usual $500.00 damage waiver, but are there any additional waivers/forgiveness programs for Feb?

Thanks in advance!

If you get into a new lease they’ll probably let any damage go and waive the dispo fee.

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Lol no they’re not probably going to let any damage go.

@Kintaro GMF hasn’t offered mileage waiver since last Feb. It’s just been $500 for damages and waive dispo fee.

What’s the Autovin inspection report say??


Auto Vin is coming by this week. Before any waivers, I’m looking at approximately $1,500 in damages (maybe worse) and I’m going to be around 1,100 miles over my allowance.

You may be surprised at how lax autovin is.

Don’t forget to go mudding the morning of the inspection :slight_smile:


Thank you for your reply.

Here is how bad the dent and scratches are:

Take her mudding my friend. I think you’ll be okay.

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