How far do you go?

When calculating your deal how much do you push for a lower price? I’ve got a volt LT for 0 down 36/15k for $279 locked up. If I am doing the calculations right it looks like I should be around $245. Do I push for the $245 price or is there some compromise you do when analyzing a deal?

Can you post your deal? I got a deal today in socal for an Lt for $255 0 down 36 12k miles. The discount etc. 7360 incentives and 3900 discount. Money factor is 0.00065

I am trying to figure out what the Hackers feel is a reasonable profit for a dealership on a lease. I have had a few people reach out to me from the Forum, asking me to put numbers together for them, but have only secured one deal out of about 20 or so requests. I was under the impression that if we get within $30 - $50 of an expected number, then we are making a good deal as dealers. Most have not disclosed what that number is, so I am shooting in the dark only to find communication ends.

Seems Brunot99 is there, but still fighting the good fight. It leaves me at a loss as to why he didn’t pull the trigger on this deal when its within the ‘range’. Can someone help me understand what a good deal is when I am being as transparent as possible to earn business?

That’s probably your problem. Customers on this site will be happy when they reach their expected number, not within $30-$50.


I guess you are a dealer of some kind. I can’t speak for everyone on the forum, but here are some tips of what most people here are probably looking for.

Your average deal will not get business from me. Most readers of this forum are the most sophisticated car lease customers you will ever run into. Do you want to get a lot of new business? Post the best lease deals you gave to any customer in the last two months. Say this is the lowest deal I gave out, and we cannot negotiate lower than this number. Do you want those 20 new deals at the lowest price you gave to any customer last month? If not, you are probably wasting your time here.

Dealer profit is irrelevant to me - I will wait until the relative and absolute price of the lease makes it a no-brainer. If you want average dealer profit deals, go get some ups on the lot. This is a volume forum.


I appreciate the candor and honest feedback here… Thanks

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$30-50 equals $1000-1800 over the course of the lease. That is worth fighting for, IMHO.

Most people really don’t understand how those small amounts add up over time.


Just signed today.

2017 Volt LT

36 months/15K
Demo w/ 5200 miles on it
Zip: 48067

MSRP: $35,150
Dealer Discount: $6,617
CCR plus loyalty: $5110
Sale price: $24,540
6% sales tax
MF: 00062
Residual: 48%

$279.08/mo with 0 down

I think dealers should be able to make money, lots of money, just not from me.

I will wait for the right car at the right dealer at the right time. The dealer will lose money on my deal but it works for them because they want to move the car. I do not expect every car they sell to be sold at that price and I full expect them to make money out of others whilst still being honest and making everyone happy.

Case in point with the Hellcats. I think I sold 5-6 cars for the dealer, they had 16 but would not sell any more at that price because they lost money on each one. It made sense for them to move 6 and sit on the other 10 and hope to sell them at a better margin.

so @CDJRElliott, in answer to your question, people on this forum mostly expect you to lose money on the deal and at the very minimum expect you to match the calculated deal on the leasehackr calculator based on the discount negotiated.


What is the CCR made up from?


Duly noted. I have no problem working under those parameters to move volume. Thanks for the response.

Also, from what I have seen, you have a great attitude and are a welcome addition to the forum. People need to realize that no one dealer can always give the best deals. Often it is about finding the car that the dealer needs to move on in order to get the outstanding headline deal. If you consistently offer better than advertised leases I’m sure you will win lots of business.


4610 rebate from Gm (not part of the $7500 tax credit I was told) and $500 lease loyalty

Was any of the $7500 federal tax rebate passed to you?

I was told it’s partially factored into the residual.

I want the dealer to make money and I belive they have. I also know they are not in the business of losing money. Just like casinos, you don’t get massive car dealerships by selling cars at a loss. I just don’t want to overpay… Just to give some background I called several dealers saying I wanted a Volt LT 15k 36 month and I got prices of $458/mo and plenty in the high 300s and low 400s. Even though I got a demo, how can these dealers straight face tell me $458 and then after a week come down to under $320/mo. That’s the stuff I don’t like.


Elliott i send pm to you for a jeep and even selected one from your inventory. Never heard any numbers from you.