How does wear and tear insurance work?

I am returning my Jeep Cherokee (Ally) and there are some dings that are beneath the paint so I may get charged with that. Also, the screen has some damage (laminate leaking) that was not covered by warranty (I am passed warranty) which I may be charged for.

Did take out wear and tear insurance but am not sure how the process works? Do I turn the car in, get the bill and then send that to the wear and tear company?

Did you read your paperwork?

Get the pre turn in inspection and then evaluate.

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Depends on your W&T company.
Example : I had a Fiat with W&T, turned it in, they sent me a bill for $900, I said I bought W&T and they sent me a corrected bill 2 weeks later with $0. but that’s because I bought Fiat’s W&T

And no, I didn’t make a profit, I lost about $500 in the deal.

A lessor that ethically does excess W&T coverage sends out a final invoice that itemizes every charge and notes something like $0 or “N/C” for line items that are not charged due to falling under the W&T coverage.

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