How does this look?

Interest rate is 9% and this is causing high payment. How is your credit rating?

745, I asked why it was so high and am waiting to hear back. Everything else looks okay though?

What kind of car is it with 9750 in rebates. I would assume a chrysler or EV.

OMG, 9% interest rate…on a lease?! That has to be the worst lease quote I’ve ever seen.

Doesn’t matter what car that is…that’s a horrible quote.

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Dodge Ram 1500. It’s a 2016 which is why

Besides the rate, the rest look okay?

The rest “looks” ok, but that interest rate pretty much torpedos any kind of decent deal. If that’s the best rate you can qualify for and the dealer isn’t inflating the rate, I guess it’s “OK”. The monthly is just over 1% of MSRP if you factor in your down payment.

My credit is 745 and have good income. I am curious to see what he says since I asked why the rate was so high. Based on my credit score I would think I should qualify for a decent rate

Looking at this Edmunds Dodge Ram lease thread (, the interest rates being tossed around are waaaay under 1%. I saw one interest rate quoted as being 0.192%!

That 9% rate is simply ridiculous. I’m not even sure its legal to mark up the rate that much. GM Financial only allows up to a 2% markup.

Wow! Ya 9% is crazy! I wasn’t going to say yes on an interest rate that high. Curious to see his reply.

This translates to an MF of 0.00375. Typical is 0.00125 or maybe 0.0020 for Chrysler. So they are doubling the interest charges for you.

Otherwise the discount and rebate looks good. The net cap is 37 k, residual is 28k, so depreciation charges are 9k/36 or around 250 a month. at 0.0020 MF, the rent charges should be 0.0020 * (37 + 28k) = 130. So 380 monthly max before tax, and that is being very generous with the MF.

Generous for me or the dealer? So basically I should be able to get it to 380 before taxes? Or even lower if I can get the mf down below 0.002?

Generous for dealer and bank (not for you). For you the lower the better but Ally/Chrysler/USBank do charge north of 0.0015 Money Factor so there is a limit to how low you can go, but 9% (aka 0.00375 MF) is beyond the pale. [btw, MF = APR/2400]. And yes, you can go lower than 380 if you get the MF below 0.002

Check which bank it is with but from experience they cant mark it higher than .00140. For FCA vehicles that is.

FCA dealers are generally scum - I’d never even think about leasing from one of them just to avoid the hassle. 9% APR!!

The ram 1500 big horn is a great truck. Worth it to deal with the scum and get a good price.

True, and it seems like they can’t give away the higher trims!

This is Ally’s business model on leasing. They set the RV higher than the others on the same model and offset it with very high rates. They do this from a marketing/psychology standpoint so the dealers see the high RV% numbers and steer business to them. It is a vastly different strategy than ever other lender and has worked for a while to get them a slice of the lease business. But when those units come off lease, they take high losses and most of them come back to the bank. They are betting that the income from the higher interest rates will offset the added risk/losses from the RV being too high.