How does this look? 2018 Chrysler Pacifica Touring L

Got these numbers from my local Chrysler dealership and want to know how this looks.

2018 Chrysler Pacifica Touring L

Ally Tier S

MSRP: $38,800
Selling: $35,388
Rebate: $3,000 (lease cash & conquest)
Residual: 50% ($19,400)
Sell Rate: 0.230%

Tax: $1,117
Doc Fee: $499
Registration: $399
Misc Fees: $15

Total Drive Off: $1,000 (includes 1st month)
Monthly: $410

Is there anyway I could get this down any lower? Really wanted to be at $350 a month with first month only. Salesman said it’s not possible and this is not the first vehicle I’m buying off of him so I don’t think he’s lying to me and I have a good relationship with him. He didn’t pressure me. Told him I’ll let him know before the month ends.

Right now on honcker it is:
$358/month + $1464 drive off tax included for NJ.