How does this deal sound?

I am in the LA area.

2016 Infiniti Q50
0 Down Payment
0 Drive off
Dealer is paying me $400 to end my bmw lease a month early.
Monthly Payment: $350

I do not know the MF and Residual numbers for I am new to this forum and did not have those knowledge before yesterday.

Find out what the selling price is.

if that $41,000 Q50 2016 is a Q50 Premium 2.0 RWD model. its a pretty decent deal.

@ $350 w/ tax $0 due at signing and they’re writing you a check for $400. and everything includes tax and license out the door???

that means this is the deal…

MSRP $41,000
Price $31,687

$9932 discount
39 Month
.00011 MF
49% for 10k miles.

Yes that is exactly what I’m getting.

0 drive off includes everything (tax,license…)
39 month
10k miles.
$350 including tax/month

Is this a good deal?

yes. should i take it?

it certainly looks like a really good deal. did they already run your credit and have you approved? What store is it at?

Without knowing the exact details I say do it.

Decent deal if you really like the Qx50. Otherwise, people are reporting similar payment for BMW528i (much higher MSRP)

Who reported getting a 528 for less than 400?

Maybe one guy got a demo. But btw I wasn’t able to get near those numbers even for demo.

id like to get that number too for 528