How does dealer measure how many miles drived per year?

Let’s say we are given 10K miles per year for two years.

Does dealer measure the mileage after two years for a total of 20K miles, or measure it yearly and cannot be accumulated?

At the end of 2 years. It is a total.

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At the end of the lease like Ed_Churchchward.

Buddy of mine has a 2 year lease as well with 10k miles his currently @ 20k miles with 3 months to go. Currently has the car parked not driving it lol. They offered him a pull ahead but he does not want another lease with same manufacture.

Glad to know your buddy’s story. :slight_smile:

Depending on which leasing company and what you’d be driving instead, it could be cheaper for some people to buy miles (or pay overage at the end) vs buying/leasing something new and paying 2x payments and 2x insurance.

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As @max_g said, depending on the leasing company, you can buy miles or what the heck, just pay extra for the miles at the end, if you think about it, the miles you pay for are cheaper than the miles you get in the lease. For example, if you have a $400/month lease with 12,000 miles a year, you’re paying 40 cents a mile.