How does Audi compete with Mercedes or BMW if they lease so badly?



Audi Rs and true amg (ie 63/65) lease horribly.

Some of audi’s “S” lines lease relatively well- specifically the s4 and sq5.

I think the only amg “lite” car that leases reasonably well is the c43 sedan.


RS5 lease like crap. Abhorrent deals.


There are two major sales strategies in pretty much of all kinds of industries . You either go after revenue ( by pricing low ) or you go after “gross” profit ( by pricing high). It seems Audi’s strategy is the latter whereas others have been the former. Both methods work and companies often change from one to another across different product segments . I have some educated opinions ( I do this for living in my current line of work ) based on my observations mostly but i am too lazy to write a long post now.