How do you politely inform a dealer that incentives stack?

I am working with a dealer that is offering me the discount off MSRP I want, but stated that the incentives I qualify for do not stack, which I know to be false. Other dealers have verified the incentives stack, and I have seen deals posted on this forum this month showing they stack. Specifically, this is the Audi national incentive on the eTron GT ($12,500) and the Costco incentive ($5,000).

I asked the dealer to please double check, and they flat out state they do not stack the incentives. I am considering showing the salesperson emails I have from other dealers confirming the incentives stack but I really don’t want to piss them off because they’ve committed to the MSRP discount already.

Is there any reason a dealer would willingly refuse to stack incentives?
How best can I convince the salesperson to stack?


The other instance I have seen this is the Q8 etron purchase by one of the LH’er where the dealer would not stack Costco and Loyalty into the deal because the discount off MSRP was done via VIP pricing.

That’s a good point. Do you know how much the VIP discount is?

He got 14~15% discount off from MSRP but no Costco and Loyalty rebate.

Dealer is not your enemy. Make friends with dealer first. Treat them as if you weren’t buying anything from them, establish rapport and chat. If I encounter hard headed, nasty dealer I just erase their number off my contact list and never go back to them. The good ones will try to help you out and tell you if there is anything can be done, stacked, added to existing discounts, incentives and etc. Sometimes, if sales guy is new at his job or is not too familiar with finance, talking to sales or general manager is the way to go. You can do your research on the background, and if you find out that you can stack up incentives and dealer flat out lies to you and says it’s impossible, then run from him/her, they won’t do you any good.

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The VIP program would not work with Costco. It’s also 14% now in comparison to 15% that it used to be.


Innovator will not stack with Costco neither …

Audi Customer Offer (vin specific loyalty) will stack with Costco but no Penfed…

Because it’s literally in the playbook that it cannot be used.

I also have a similar situation (hopefully with a different dealer). Dealer is willing to do a high percentage off, but not with Costco. Only with national 12,500 and federal 7500. So the high percent off is not that beneficial if not stacked with Costco.

I had a dealer tell me that. I wanted 10-15% off plus incentives and was told that the only way they could do anything over 10% was with the “VIP discount” which does not stack. Found another dealer who gave me nearly 14% off. The car is still sitting at that other dealership.

So my question is, how are some dealers giving over 10% off plus incentives? Do they have discretion to give a large % discount without using the official VIP Program?

I’m curious how some people on here are getting Penfed to stack?

call me tomorrow and i’ll look into your deal