How do you negotiate leases on 2020 loaner vehicles

Just wondering how to go about this. I see quite a few 2020 XC90 and XT6 in my area and would like to approach the dealer and was just wondering how you go about finding what the MF and Residual should be on this type of deal. When I look on the edmunds forum all questions about 2020 state lease campaign for this model is over. Appreciate the help.

You can only lease what has support. I think Benz is the only one with 2020 support, and that ends today.

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That means you can no longer lease it. If you want the loaner, you’ll need to buy it.

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you can still lease it through another bank but it will be very bad.

Incentives is how leases get cheaper, no incentives mean your payments are high

Thanks everyone. I saw a few deals posted for 2020 lately so I thought that this was available for all vehicles.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Volvo lease through a non captive bank. I’m sure there are probably some out there, but it’s definitely few and far between.

If you see anything in the LH marketplace, that’s probably your last chance to lease a 2020

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