How do you calculate a lease payment on a used vehicle?

I know Lexus will lease L/Certified cars but I’m told by the dealer that its “not worth it”. How is a used car that has been depreciated by 25,000$ after 15000 miles not worth leasing? Is there anyway to know a good lease deal? Car in question is a 15 RCF for $52,000 with 15K miles.

How would you come up with good lease numbers on the car?


Usually leases on “used” vehicles are retired courtesy/loaner vehicles. Not entirely sure if Lexus is different though.

L/Certified leases are usually atrocious. The residual value, IIRC, is a fixed dollar amount and not a percentage. The money factor is also high. The dealer is correct when they said it isn’t worth your time. I saw one dealer advertise a lease for a used RX and it was more than what it would be on a new one.