How do salesman afford to drive the cars they're selling?



I remember about 5 years ago when I was looking at a used BMW at a Ford dealership and the sales person told me that he had just bought a Lexus LS. The guy was a complete clown. When I got my GS 350 lease 3 years ago my sales person told me that he had the same GS 350 but his payment was higher. A couple months ago I went to my local Lexus dealership and the sales lady told that the payment on her GS 350 was about 650 which I don’t think is that great.


One of my last leases was a Manual Clubman S for $67/Month.



You really believed all those sales people and their payments ?


I’ve had some high payments over the years. Glad to get rid of the $668 tundra payment. 83 months :grimacing:.

Miss the truck though


I did believe at least the guy who told me was paying more on his GS 350. I had already worked out my GS 350 deal with the GM of the store and the salesman’s role was only to show me the car and help with the paperwork. The deal was already done so he didn’t have to do any selling.


It really depends on brand. Lexus/toyota don’t do much. Where as BMW has an awesome program. I’ve heard of a couple unicorn employee maserati deals as well


It really depends on the store.

Some stores have (demo)nstrator units or some type of similar program and some only have allowances.

When I got into sales we really didn’t have demo units but we often took things home to show customers or get familiar with.

We ‘officially’ had an allowance that scaled to the number of vehicles you sold for the month.

The car dealer world is so scatterbrained that there really isn’t a one all answer. I believe @Cody_Carter, @chevysalesgirl, @Samson and the others here in the industry can tell you that most salespeople are broke and drive old junky cars.

Sales is a game of longevity and most don’t make it past the green pea stage.

Here’s my old payplan for the hackr folk who want to see what that breakdown might look like.


very insightful thanks!


For Sure. Lots of sales people are broke and don’t make the best decisions. Only the top guys are making all the money and the remainder are just making it by. Kinda sad.

My old store had a $250 allowance if you sold 12 units.


This makes me never want to be a car salesman. I would love to be around cars all day and talk to people about cars, but as a car guy, I feel as if I would not be successful

Car guys don’t sell cars, salesmen sale cars.


Exactly - product guys never make the money.


I would say amongst everything, the hours are one of the worst parts of the job. You live at the dealership. When you finally have a day off scheduled, you might have a client that wants to close a deal. I’ve had around 4 days off for the month of November.


That used to be me…now i take every day possible off. Still working on cell on days off. But i took 13 days off in November :sunglasses:


Yeah, its a grind for now. But I am new to the industry. The goal is to get to where you’re at in your career.:sunglasses:


It’s worth it in the end. Just takes a lot of work… tell my friends who want to join that they can’t like their family and sell cars. For awhile you’ll never see them


Haha, very true. Looking towards the finish line for now. I appreciate your feedback!


My Lexus guy said he gets a $500/mo car allowance for being Master Certified which is pretty sweet. Most luxury brands give insane employee deals because they want their people driving their brand. For example, if your BMW salesperson drove a Lexus you may second guess getting a BMW since the guy selling them doesn’t even have one.

As far as hours go…if you like family events/going out with friends/seeing your loved one/weekends this is not for you.


Too bad Toyota doesn’t give allowance like Lexus. I’d be stoked. We get no special pricing or another :frowning:


Yeah my lexus guy gets nothing, or so he tells me. He’s also master certified. The managers drive demos.


Yea when I was at Hyundai/Kia we got nothing at all. When I was at Hyundai a broker told me he’d get me a Genesis for $50 less/mo than what my desk guy was giving me the car for. When I was at Kia several of my coworkers bought from different stores because they got better deals elsewhere.

@nyclife don’t think the kids lying, he got a GS and just gave it to his brother because it’s pretty much free, drives an M240 for himself. Only their General Manager has a demo, LC500/LS500 he switches between the two.