How do Lease companies consider joint applications? Higher of 2 scores?

I am considering leasing a Chrysler Pacifica. Getting quotes from Chrysler Capital and Ally

Primary Applicant has excellent credit with 725 plus fico

Joint applicant used to have 800 plus, but bankruptcy year out from discharge and is now a 700 with lots of good stuff going on.

Do they use lower score? higher score? or is it probably best to leave joint off for the bankruptcy reasons?

Yes, which is why those with low credit can get approved with a co-signer. If you have low credit it’ll help you build credit worthiness to put your name on it as well.

They go with lower score. When I did my mortgage my score was 812 and wife’s was 740, they went with 740. I ended up getting higher rate.

depends on the bank. GM will put the higher score as the primary on the lease.
if i was working on that, i would set up the deal with just the bankruptcy person by themselves to see if they can get approved alone since you know the prime credit one will already get approved.
regardless, even in cosign situations, both have to qualify 700+
i think chrysler cap goes through santander leasing

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