How do I Get out of My e53AMG

Have a 2022 E53 AMG with 8k Miles? Im trying to get out of it & into a more economical SUV for the growing family.

But all the dealers around me keep offering very low prices… What is the leasehackr way of getting more for my car? Please advice

When’s the next hurricane ?


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They’re offering low prices solely in the aspect of you losing too much $$$? Or are they low offers in comparison with what the market value actually is.

i Beleive the season just strted :slight_smile:

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low offers compared to market

@Bumboola MMR, por favor? :pray:

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What are the offers you’ve received?

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MMR of a 2022 E53 sedan with 8k miles is 74,800. 74k is a very strong offer.

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@Leasehunter27 how do your offers compare?

I beleive the best we got is 68k so far

Have you asked Mercedes dealers directly in person? Often they’ll go above the automated quotes on desirable cars

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Yup they offered the lowest of all since we were not buying anything… weirdly enough a similar model was priced closed to 80k in the showroom

That’s not weird at all.

Of course a similar model on their lot will be priced a lot higher than what they’re willing to buy yours for.


68k sounds like an okay offer if they’re retailing similar models for 80k. Near 20% markup on an appraisal on a non-trade is about right. Usually I see cars 15% to 25% higher at retail than what dealers offer on appraisal. This is anecdotal based on my personal experiences.

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Right. You have to understand that the dealer is not going to offer you for your trade the same amount that they have a similar car listed for on the showroom.

Have you contacted MB Financial to see what your current buyout is?

You need to get more quotes

What did Carmax say?