How do I ask for preferred treatment like Brokers offer?

Hey guys,

I’m looking for a good deal for my aunt and I don’t want to put in the work of going into the dealership and drive the car however many miles back home. Last car I got a month back was 4 hours away and the dealership people weren’t very courteous. I didn’t even get a brand keychain, it was very much get in, sign, peace out and figure it out.

How do I get this preferred treatment like I see some brokers offer where the dealership is willing to sign papers online / at your home and deliver the car to you? Do I just ask for that? Currently it sounds like getting the best deal and getting really nice service are mutually exclusive. Enlighten me!

Have a blessed day!

Use a broker? :man_shrugging:t2:

Doesn’t sound like your last deal was all that bad… those keychains aren’t very expensive…


You can email dealers and ask them to sign everything online and then take delivery or use a broker. I feel as if you know the answer to your question already.

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Not sure what you last deal was, but good deals don’t usually mean getting free items from the gift shop. I try to minimize time at the dealer through handling all initial paperwork remotely and only showing up to take delivery and some last-minute paperwork.

Brokers are a great source of good deals. Some people use brokers, other people like to make their own deals.

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I think you just need to ask some questions during the process such as “I live X miles away, so would delivery and/or electronic docusign be an option for me in this particular transaction?” or “Would it be possible to handle the paperwork via FedEx and either arrange shipping, or provide my own transport?” Not every dealer is going to be set up for these types of things, either from a cost benefit perspective or a comfort and security perspective, especially if they’ve been burned by fraud or importers before.

You can’t have your cake and eat it too sometimes. If the dealership you’re working with offers the best deal you found, but they don’t offer these services, you’re SOL. Search for a new one to work with or suck it up and go to the dealership to sign. That’s your option. All dealers play by their own rules regarding signing. You’re not going to change their mind.

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You sound like the type of the guy that dealerships love because you’d rather feel like you won by getting a keychain versus getting the best selling price on the car.

They aren’t going to roll out the red carpet for you if they are giving you a losing deal :joy:


How do you ask? Email or phone. There’s no magic wand here.