How can I get a Bolt if I live in Las Vegas

There are 100’s if not 1,000’s of Bolts in Socal. There is no distribution yet in Vegas. I’m told they are coming in Spring '18. Every dealer I spoke to is adamant about not selling out of state.

Is there any way I can accomplish this? Via a broker? Any other ideas? Help is appreciated! BMW is off lease in 2 weeks and I’m ready to pull the trigger now.


Set up a California Limited Liability Corporation. Have the Corporation lease the vehicle for your “business use”

Will the dealership ask for lease, utility bills , etc as they do personally?

Fly to Ca and buy it. Talk with @chevysalesgirl or @ChevyPhil to set it up.

Dealership doesn’t care, but insurance cares where car is registered …

vhooloo, do you know of a dealer that doesn’t ask for proof of residency? I have no issue getting insurance in Ca. for the car.

We should exchange notes. The dealer did not seem to care what the address was (as in did not ask for proof of residency). Maybe they did a background credit check and the address came up and matched anyway :slight_smile:

vhooloo, my credit has my Las Vegas address only. PM me if you don’t mind !