How can I determine how much the dealership is making on my deal?

I am looking for some feedback with regards to my 2016 Lexus RC300 post. Any comments would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

Unless you are in their accounting office, it is almost impossible to tell. Invoice is a start, but then there’s the dealer holdback, dealer-only incentives, manufacturer bonuses, and then all the back end money (extended warranties, financing, service plans, etc…).

But most of the time, the dealer is making some kind of profit…otherwise they wouldn’t stay in business long. Only time they might actually “lose” money on a deal is if they sell a car at a loss in order to get a large manufacturer bonus. Losing $1-2k on a single unit to qualify for a $100k bonus would certainly be worth it to the dealership.

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If your happy with the deal it shouldn’t matter.


Totally agree with @Yinzer. They can also make money on MF, acquisition and dealer fees, but you’d know about these.

Negotiate the best deal you feel comfortable with and enjoy the car.

I’d love to hear what the dealer makes.

Don’t we all. :stuck_out_tongue: