How bad is this deal ? M340i Loaner


Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2021 BMW M340i Loaner
MSRP: $69,977
Selling Price: $65977
Monthly Payment: $860 + tax ($923 incl. 7.25% local tax)
Drive-Off Amount: $1552
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12k
MF: 0.00133
Residual: 57%
Incentives: $1500
Region: IL(West suburbs)
Leasehackr Score: 6.6
Leasehackr Calculator Link: Calculator

Ouch. 5.7% off MSRP and fully marked up money factor. Sounds horrible, even in today’s market. I’d try a different dealer or contact a broker.


I got nothing.


$1000 bucks a month for a m340i???

And it’s a demo.


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Not surprised in the least. Inventory is super tight in the midwest, and they’re still selling out. If you’re looking for a BMW right now, suggest you try a different region or you’re gonna pay to play in the midwest.

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Don’t apologize: I’m glad you asked before signing. I wish I had something constructive to offer.


I think we have to come to terms that there will be no such thing as signing a good deal any longer. Like I mentioned before I just got off the phone with a dealership who said everything on his lot is being sold at msrp. And guess what there are people who have cash that are willing to buy at msrp so those will be the people who buy these cars left on the lot moving forward. I’m still surprised though there is inventory left. Seems like all dealerships have just about a month supply left around the US. I don’t think there could possibly be a time where there is zero inventory I just can’t see that happening.

I think you know the answer to the question too :smiley:
Wait it out if you can.

Or find a transfer at a decent payment on Swapalease or somewhere similar.

This is like 2-3% off on a brand new car at buyrate

Sigh… the search for a good deal goes on…

I’ve been through both pretty throughly, it’s picked just as dry as a typical used car lot.

Any reason you are looking at a loaner? Others have already commented on the deal, but I bet you already knew it was bad.

Cannot find a single new M340 with DA pro. This loaner is all I had… :slightly_frowning_face:

Do you absolutely need a car now? If the answer is yes, then expand your search radius.

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Thanks, will do.

If you check the shortages thread, I am 99% certain DAP is not available for any M sedans. If one is not on the ground built that way, you’re not getting one with that combination for quite a while.

By all means expand your search, but if you don’t find one don’t expect to build one either. Good luck

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