How bad did I get f*cked?

yes, i’d assume most dealers would want to hang onto the deal. so reach out to them or go in asap.

If I were that dealer, I wouldn’t do business with you. You signed a deal.

If all you want to do is apply the rebate to the cap cost, again I really don’t think it will make much of a difference in terms of total lease cost. With the high CA tax rate he probably was saving you money by doing it this way and paying it direct to you. I don’t understand why that wouldn’t be taxable for you personally, but I’m not a CPA.

Yes the finance manager said I would be saving $200 and starting the lease at a lower out the door cost if I pocketed the money. All I’m going to ask for is to make sure the $1455 is applied as was promised for the net cost to be $28645 ($33205 - $1455 dealer discount - $3750 rebates + $645 acquisition fee)

Even the guy who did my DMV paperwork said “Youre in a unique position to review your contract

The dealer discount seems very slim for a Mustang but I also have little experience with them. Look at a Mustang specific forum (there must be myriad) to see if they have a prices paid topic

I’d check the local legalities if I was you to get out of that one if you haven’t taken possession.

Saw a 2019 $60k 440 M Sport for $286 on this forum - maybe get two of those in different colors instead of the one Mustang.

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This is very strange… not saying they are doing anything shady or illegal, but definitely not the norm. Paying out the manufacturer rebates 4-6 weeks later is something I have never seen especially since they are applied to the lease contract once validated and money never paid to the dealer.

Maybe there is some dealer incentive they are passing along. Are you 100% sure it’s new/never titled too? Only 24 miles but maybe it’s not eligible for incentive bc it was returned or something. Contract says new though.

Deal is not terrible but personally would prefer everything in the contract and upfront.

Do what’s best for you and what your gut says. If you have a legal out, don’t feel bad taking it as I’m sure the dealer would do the same if the roles were reversed.

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These $3,750 rebates is what you are getting by check, I guess. They are not part of cap cost reduction. But I did not look at your contract, so maybe I’m wrong here.

In my humble opinion and experience shopping the Muscle Car category last year I think this is a terrible deal. I bought my ‘18 GT with the performance package ($44k MSRP?) brand new last year for $34k before taxes. It was also the first year of the refreshed style too so discounts now are probably even deeper. It’s pretty easy to get $8-10k off MSRP on American Muscle Cars, you’re way better off financing.


@max_g, as far as I’m concerned, not an internet myth, as I got that phrase from a man who owns a string of dealerships … and I don’t believe any were in CA. I’m sure some states have different rules, but I don’t believe this to be a CA-only thing.

That said, I reiterate I have never once signed a contract here in NJ on a different day than delivery. If there was ever a wait involved, then it was just a buyer’s order.

Also to make matters worse, the salesman ran my insurance when I had already applied to Ford Credit online. So my insurance was run twice.

You mean your credit? That’s not unusual at all to see multiple inquiries, one from the dealer and one from the financing bank. Don’t sweat that.

I reiterate this post is a Attach22569_20190509_173038


The APR is 0.40%. Doesn’t appear to be marked up but, I can’t say for sure.

This deal is such a mess. Something to keep in mind with transactions involving interest…keep things simple.

I did sign paperwork from the dealer saying that I would receive the rebates via a check in the mail. Also, they made me sign paperwork saying I took delivery of the car even though I didn’t. How screwed am I now? Or is there a way to argue that I didn’t take delivery because I actually didn’t.

What kind of gun was it?


May have been the 12 gauge impulse buyer. :stuck_out_tongue:


Unless it’s a Shelby you got royally fucked.

See if you can get out of it. You can get a nice bimmer or Volvo or audi for that amount.

Enjoy the car for the next 24 months. In general, don’t sign legally binding paperwork if you’re not comfortable with it :poop:


I was completely comfortable with it because of the rebates. It basically made the payment equal $394 per month. However, checking the numbers again it’s become clear that they did not give me the discount they promised. That is why I think I got screwed over. At the moment of the deal I thought I was doing good, with the highly monthly premium being a necessity since I made it 24 months and decided to pocket the rebates.