Hot Take - 2021 BMW M5 Competition Review: The World's Fastest Honda Accord

Can’t believe they went there.

Whenever you preface a comparison to the Accord with, “And, to be fair, the M5 Comp is very fast, mighty luxurious, and extremely well put-together,” you can no longer really compare it to an Accord.

I can’t take a reviewer seriously who begins a review already hedging against his hot take.


I know…but I was just amazed at the fact that lengths “writers” go to make themselves relevant.

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Is the new Porsche 911 Turbo S the worlds most capable VW Beetle?

Find out by reading this terribly written article!


One of the most moronic takes I’ve heard all year… has this guy ever driven an accord?

EDIT: this post is directed to the author of the Jalopnik article, not OP.

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I’m wondering if writer even drove the M5.

Ironically I’ve never driven an accord


My 540i must be the world’s fastest Honda Fit.

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My bad, i actually meant

I wonder if the writer ever drove the M5.

Edited my post. Didn’t mean to say you…

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The M5 comp is a beast. Had the pleasure of tracking one a few weeks back. She’s a big girl and certainly not tossable, but damn she has some power and exceptional grip. While it is not even close to the type of car I like on track, it was certainly fun. Author is a quack and Accord fanboy.

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I’m with the author, I’d take an E39 M5 over this. I’ll have much more fun.

Well, since the E39M5 is the size of the current M3, I’m not sure you’re taking a big leap there. Have you driven the M5? I have. I’ve also driven the E39M5. Something that is 75% of something else shows that the two aren’t comparable other than for headline effect. Compare the M5 to the new hot rod Caddy. That might be an interesting read.

I own both an F90 M5C and an e39 M5. They’re both fun in their own way. The e39 is nimble, raw, and engaging. The F90 is fast as shit and grippy around twisties, but will go sideways with little to no effort when you want it to


Timely article

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