Hot October Deals 🤣


I am gonna pick me up a pacifica for only 4.5k down


I used to read articles like this and think, “Why would anyone lease?”

Haha same here.

Also explains the proliferation of YouTube “how I leased for zero down” videos of crappy lease deals with zero DAS as though it’s some sort of big accomplishment.

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Is it possible these are the articles just written by some bot to increase traffic?
Because there is no logic applied there.

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Deals so “HOT” you can’t even touch…

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Never said they are “HOT”:slight_smile:
But something to commute from A to B on a cheap in $ lease:smiley:

Oh dear no. The one and only TYLER DUFFY (hi Tyler: welcome :wave:t2:) wrote every sentence of this goodness:

I find the US News version to be a tad more…realistic:

Well, I hope he at least gets some kickbacks for peddling this awful deals to the public at large being a “Motoring Writer”…
Ugh… I’ve seen so many of these though my work in BKs, Judgments etc that sometimes it feels as an uphill battle to educate people in order “DO NOT DO IT”.

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Birmingham eh, no wonder. Too rich for my blood.

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Yes, but he is a Michigan Man!