Honker car Lease app for Jeep Wrangler

Hi Everyone,

I am new to this forum and new in general to negotiating a lease, recently I have been inquiring about the 2018 Jeep Wrangler JK Altitude package, this is the old style Jeep Wrangler (no backup camera), I am currently in a lease with a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude through Chrysler Capital. I have 6 months left and owe about 2,909 left in payments. It has extremely low miles 16k miles, At this point id like to walk away, maybe get a dealer to buy it and have me break even I dont want to roll over the 2,909 left to my new lease. Anyway

I am trying to use the honker app after I signed up they have a bright white Jeep wrangler altitude like I wanted for 1,653 due at signing and 410 a month for a 48 month lease, which to me is an amazing deal and it could be due to the new body style JL being out. But when I hit lease it does not give me options about trading in my current lease or buying it out, what can I do to get this price :(. I am not oppsed to using a broker either, Just dont want to deal with shady dealerships. Thanks in Advance to all

best bet would be to visit or email a dealer and ask them to match the honker apps offer. If the dealer is nice they would do it. This way u will be able to trade in your JGC too and may be you can get a check back since you have low miles.

When you “lease it” on Honcker it just refers your deal to a dealer. You can then negotiate the trade it. Problem is you’ve already accepted their price and they have no incentive to work your trade into the deal to your benefit.

I would take your car to Carmax or the like and get an appraisal. Call Chrysler and see what your payoff is (every car, even leases, have a payoff) . If the difference between the trade in value and your payoff is less than your remaining payments, then just sell the car, pay the difference if any, and be done. If the difference between the payoff and trade in value is more than your remaining payments then go to the dealer and negotiate. Since your are going Jeep to Jeep you should get some trade assistance incentives.

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Have you tried uninstalling/reinstalling again? An upgrade to a new Operating System may be causing some issues.