Honesty Car - NorCal Sept BMW NEW & LONER Leasing Special!

Hello fellow leasehackrs,

Please see below for some of our loaner and new cars deal! Please feel free to drop a PM for other models too as we work with Bay Area local dealerships. No out of state sales, in person signing needed.


2020 BMW 330i - White/Mocha
MSRP: $48,305
Miles: 4,450
Monthly Payment: $365+ Tax with Loyalty incentive included
Drive-Off Amount: $2,000 + $499 Broker Fee
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10,000
Residual: 59%
Selling Price for Financing before Tax and Fees: $37,200 (23%)
Region: NorCal, San Francisco Bay Area
Packages: Convenience Package, Remote Engine Start, Ambient Lightning, Heated Front States and Live Cockpit Pro.

2020 BMW X2 sDrives28i - White/Black
MSRP: $40,445
Miles: 4,400
Monthly: $303 + Tax with Loyalty.
Drive off: $2,000 + Max MSD
Packages: Convenience Package & Heated Seats


2020 BMW 330i
MSRP: $43,xxx
Monthly Payment: $378 + Tax with Loyalty incentive included
Drive-Off Amount: $2,000 + $499 Broker fee
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10,000
Residual: 59%

We have also more loaner cars incoming, pm for more details.

Thank you,


Welcome, Leon. Always great to have additional resources for NorCal.

Many brokers here advertise monthly payments with loyalty and max MSDs included, which IMO makes it more appealing.

Also, folks here love their LH calculators, so consider adding that to each advertised deal.

Finally, I personally appreciate when brokers list $0 DAS monthly amounts since I (and most other savvy members) prefer to put $0 down, maybe other than MSDs.

GL buddy!


Thanks for the feedback buddy! I will make the appropriate adjustments. Looking forward to working with you all!

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Nice deal and very clearly broken down.
Very transparent. Appreciated.

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I agree, this is the way it should be, and thanks to OP for offering deals in my area! SFO/OAK needs some encouragement during this fire season. I was out in the smokey air looking at cars Saturday, not fun.


Added more cars to the thread, please send us a PM if you would like to inquire on any other models and specs.

We do have a few Z4s available. PM sent!

Added a X2 loaner, also have more available!
PM for more info!

Let me check on that and I will get back to you.

updated for Sept, we have more 330i loaners in stock. PM for details!

Don’t leases with over 5000 miles lose all incentives?

Nope, you still have them.

That’s usually not true, unless the dealer was able to get an exception for that particular vehicle.

Exactly. I know a dealer once got an exception for a car that was like 5050 mi but hard to see that for 5800mi

Dealers have different policies, it’s all up to them if they would want to do it.

No, dealers can’t make up their own policies in regards to leasing programs and incentives.

No I am talking about the miles on the car. But you are right they can’t change the programs and incentives.

Well let’s hope whoever takes that car doesn’t get a call a month down the road from dealer saying BMW FS wouldn’t finance it.