Hondas - 18s - Civic LX Coupe, Civic EX-T, Accord Sport 2.0

Have some 18s to move - vehicles in-stock only. Everything below is 3 years, 12k miles a year, $0 down.

Also the Type-R I posted a few days ago did sell yesterday - as promised it did not last long!

18 Civic LX Coupe - $218.84/month + taxes, title, license
18 Accord Sport 2.0 - $346.77/month + taxes, title, license
18 Civic EX-T - $263.17/month + tax, title, license

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You may want to add drive off amounts as well bud. Or is it only first due at signing

they’re on the screenshots

You should’ve PMed me to reopen…I was convinced it was a joke. Guess it didn’t matter in the end.

Since you didn’t sell here though, no bottle of Makers :grin:

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It was a joke but someone really did just walk in and buy it 10k over MSRP.


When you think about it, paying 10k above sticker for some people is a bargain considering that they were probably going to throw 20k worth of worse looking body kit and accessories on it anyway, but Honda did all the work for them!

I jave actually met a guy who works for a Honda dealership and paid a $10k premium this last November to get the car of his dreams as he said. I then asked him of he would rather be driving a Q60 RS for a couple hundred bucks less than what he is paying and he replied, Heck ya…
So much for the car of dreams I replied to him :laughing:

People are buying new CTR at 10k over? I just did a search for used ones and there are low mileage ones in decent condition around 31k.

That’s definitely killer value and residual for the car, but I would have figured the days of paying that much over MSRP New were finally behind us!

Glad you were able to pull big money on it! Looks like they’re still hot!

Customer purchased as opposed to leasing. If you buy this car then you fall into one of three categories:

  1. You have so much money it is more abundant than oxygen
  2. You have been fappin to it online for years and finally positioned yourself financially enough to make it happen and get enough joy out of it for it to be worth it
  3. You are financially irresponsible

Coffee through the nose.

I’ve always thought the only cars worth paying above market were hyper cars and super cars. I’m clearly not the customer you want to market this car to, haha.

Looking or Honda Hatchback touring sport. Want to spend 300 per month plus tax and 2000 reduction. Is this possible? Want version with 180 hp although the 4 extra hp shouldnt make a difference

Forgot #4, or maybe a combination of all 3.

PM me your zip code, miles per year, etc. and I will run numbers for you tomorrow

  1. 10,000 miles