Honda Passport EX-L FWD I need help comparing between 2 lease offers please

Hi, I recently singed a lease contract in Texas for a 2021 Honda Passport EX-L FWD, but the next day, my dealership started a promotion on the same vehicle, which I’m not quite sure which deal is a better deal, hence I need the experts to chime in please.

The lease deal I signed is as follows:

MSRP: $37,985
Sale price: $34,855
Sales tax: 6.25% = $2,178
Gov fees: $188
Dealer fees: $150
Acquisition fee: $595

Down payment (including 1st month payment):$1,500 ($1,000 out of pocket + $500 college grad rebate)
Monthly payments: $396

Contract length: 36 months
Miles/year: 10k
Residual value: 64.24% = $24,690

The other deal which my dealership is advertising is as follows:

Down payment: $0 (obviously other fees will still apply)
Monthly payment: $399
Contract length: 36 months
Miles/year: 12k
And their disclaimer online reads: Excludes tax, title, license, dealer fee of $150.00

I don’t have more details, but I can check with my dealership if needed to compare between these 2 deals.

I understand that my monthly payments are lower since the new advertised deal excludes tax, but I put a down payment and my miles/year are lower too.

Thanks in advance

Does it matter? You signed the deal you signed.

Enjoy your new Passport!


True, I’m just curious, and I’ve been researching this deeply for the past few weeks

So calculate the total lease cost of both… you have enough information here to get close enough to judge


Your deal is better than the advertised deal.

This part won’t make you feel better, but neither deal is better than the 2020 MDX which can be leased for the low to mid $400’s with $0 down since it has tax credits.

That being said, you did not get a bad deal. You got a decent deal.

This is incredibly simple.

$396/mo + $1k DAS


$399/mo +
Sales tax: 6.25% = $2,178
Gov fees: $188
Dealer fees: $150
Acquisition fee: $595

If the miles is throwing you off, it changes the RV by 1%. That’s $380.


Thanks everyone!

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