Honda Odyssey or Toyota Sienna


I was looking into getting a mini van for the family. Was debating between Toyota Sienna and Honda Odyssey. I was quoted EXL 41k for $727 on a lease 12k miles. For Toyota Sienna I was quoted XLE $41k for $650 10k miles on a lease both are zero down.
Do you guys think it’s a good deal? Or should I continue my search? Any other options you can recommend?

Appreciate all the help

Buy instead of lease. Both hold their value well, are ultra reliable and would yield a similar 72 month loan payment r

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I would agree on buying at those numbers.

Very different environment but I leased an Odyssey Touring last March for just over $400/month, just first month DAS. Both vans should hold their value well if you decide to finance.

I ordered a $58k Pacifica pinnacle PHEV for similar payment. Have you looked into the Touring L Hybrid?

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Leasing on a Toyota or Honda van is pretty bad right now, you are saving a minimal amount compared to buying.

Someone above me mentioned the Pacifica which gets an EV rebate lowering the monthly cost to lease. Have you thought about that or are you set on Japanese?

The Sienna will yield better all around fuel economy than the Pacifica after the initial 25 miles. We bought an AWD Sienna in November and averaged 35 mpg on a family vacation fully loaded from KY to Florida and back

Oh really? Might be open to a Pacifica also. Do you mind sharing who you got it from? You can DM me

I’m pretty open. Looking for a family car. Any recommendations I’m open to it. Thank you

I feel the new Sienna shrunk compared to previous gens. Especially the 3rd row and it’s tiny windows.

Are those payments with tax included? $0 due at signing or by $0 down do you mean about $1400 to cover inception fees?

I’m paying less than that for the carnival I purchased.

You should focus on financing the Sienna, Odyssey or Carnival. Compare prices, manufacturers APRs, whether you can get financing outside for less, etc.

The Pacifica is much less reliable than the others.

How are you even getting quotes? I’ve been waitlisted in NorCal for a Limited forever and still no sign of the car.

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In my case it’s 1st DAS pretty much. Plus broker fee…

Reliability aside, it’s pretty hard to beat 7-8% off msrp + $7500 ev credit in todays market.


Did the same after giving up on sienna and carnival. Ordered a Pacifica hybrid. Fully optioned and much cheaper than the competition to lease. 8% discount and 7500 applied toward the lease.

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Its when you put your name down for a vehicle and when you eventually get to the top of the list you get to reserve an allocated unit.

Very common on high demand vehicles

I know of at least a couple of Toyota dealers in the Bay Area selling their Sienna’s at MSRP… but you get on the waitlist and wait… you don’t get a choice, except trim and certain options. Take it or leave it, kinda deal. Friend of mine has been waiting for a 7-seater XLE for 6 months now. Finally got told the next one is hers, arriving in April.

Also nearly impossible to get the higher trims on the sienna and the platinum is non existent.